September 29, 2022

Mint Sold Out!

Mint has sold out!

We’re excited to announce that as of Sunday, Sept 25th, we are officially sold out, all passes can now only be purchased via secondary markets.

We spent the last two months building a community that understands our core values and what we’re building in the cannabis space.

Being the first cannabis brand to be formed exclusively in web3, sharing net income via IP licensing, and expanding our presence throughout digital asset platforms such as IGL City we’re delighted at how everyone received our mission.

Packaging is ready

In serendipitous fashion, all packaging backgrounds and designs have been finalized and are ready for assets to be attached to them — we will be kicking off initial licensing next week and going to production so we can expect the product on shelves within an 8-week window.

Initial launch items will be 8ths, pre-rolls, vapes, and sublingual strips (in select markets) — we will be launching with 3 flavors of each item per market, one Sativa, one Indica, and one Hybrid.

Contracts are complete

The next step, which will discuss in Sunday Smoke Sesh Ep 13, is to get everyone’s contracts issued and signed. We will give full details and a follow-up blog post pertaining to the contracts and how we have streamlined the manual signing process.

Website is live

We’ve now taken our full website live, the e-commerce store will be available in the coming weeks where you will be able to purchase merch and delta8/hhc/thc-o products.

We want to be as accommodating as possible to those that aren’t in licensed partner states so we will have a full catalog of goods online and our online store is redeemable for the Merch and 420 passes.

Moving forward we will be posting all updates directly on the website, instead of Medium, so stay tuned there and on Twitter for all future information.