August 12, 2022

Web3 Native Cannabis Brand

You merely adopted Web3, we were born in it

By creating the foundation of our brand as a Web3 native project, we bring forth a new form of engagement and community to building, curating, and operating our cannabis brand.

We believe the core values of Web3 can help better Web2 in ways we’ve yet to predict, being able to leverage our community in our brand development is one of those assets that is missing in the cannabis space. You aren’t able to tap directly in with your community, your consumer, and your brand loyalist because Web2 services such as Instagram are constantly forcing us to play the whack-a-mole game of deleting accounts and shadowbanning content.

This is why our metaverse first approach is going to be a breath of fresh air and a new way of engaging with cannabis culture — we’re building out dispensaries and consumption lounges to parallel our IRL locations enabling us a broader reach and better engagement.

We’re blending physical and digital in all facets

Our first retail location in the metaverse will be in IGL City, the post image above is a preview of the store build-out where you’ll be able to see digital references of our product line and also activate a trigger point to enable a browser that will take you to one of our licensed delivery partners to order without leaving the game.

We aren’t stopping there though, you’ll also be able to handle your Half BAYCD asset licensing from within our metaverse shop as well, giving a fun twist to something that’s otherwise boring paperwork.

We’re excited to have the ability to display not just our cannabis goods but also digital assets for our apparel, rigs, and other ancillary goods as well.

Building for the future

We’re excited for our retail locations which we plan to create engaging experiences across the metaverse while building out our physical locations, but another facet that we’re bringing is the opportunity for Half BAYCD event spaces.

We’re working with a partner to build out our event spaces which will enable us to leverage one of our pre-existing festival partnerships to bring Half BAYCD-themed events/concerts for our holders to be able to enjoy while they await their Half BAYCD delivery from our digital dispensaries.

We’re only scratching the surface of what's possible, but building digital and physical simultaneously enables otherwise unachievable opportunities to directly tie both together, which is what we’re excited about the most — a concurrent experience that everyone can enjoy.